Wooden Wall Clock with Pendulum
Wooden Wall Clock with Pendulum
Wooden Wall Clock with Pendulum

Wooden Wall Clock with Pendulum

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The wooden clock is an actual working clock that you can build yourself as a wall decor, wind up, then watch as the seconds, minutes, and hours tick by.
The Aero Clock is an ingenious 3D puzzle and DIY clock mechanism that is driven by the force of gravity pulling down a weighted bag.

As the weight slowly descends, it rotates a drive gear, which then rotates an escape wheel through a reducer. The clock features an adjustable weighted pendulum which interacts with the escape wheel through the steady tick-tock of the anchor mechanism. You can adjust the clock's ticking action to the second, by sliding the pendulum's top and bottom weights.

As you build the Aero Clock, a wooden wall clock with pendulum, you will learn the basic principles behind clockworks, how the steadying influence of a swinging pendulum operates through a rocking anchor, locking and unlocking the gears on an escapement one second at a time, thereby regulating the (slow) descent of a weight as it drives both power gears and timekeeping gears.

Aero Clock with pendulum is a marvelous puzzle, and the perfect family project. When you work together to assemble this DIY wooden clock model kit, you will experience the satisfaction of building something together, and not just any model, but an actual functioning timepiece. Afterwards, you'll have a beautiful object for the home, something your family can enjoy together as time goes by.

Model size: 29.5*18.5*6.5 in
Number of components: 320
Estimated time for assembly: 11 hours
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